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Hey Readers Out There!Relax,This time Not A Technical One And I am Very Much Inspired to Write This Blog About Hima Das Who Is Motivation For Younger Generations.. Hope This Blog Inspires You More.

Hima Das is the first Indian track athlete to have won a medal in the history of this competition and Created a Record.

In a landmark event for Indian track events, Indian sprinter Hima Das won India’s first-ever gold as she posted time of 51.46 seconds in 400 metres in women’s final at IAAF World Under-20 Athletics Championships on July 12,2018


Hima is the youngest of six children and her parents work in a rice farm in Dhing village in Assam’s Nagaon district.But that was no deterrent as far as Hima’s love for sports is concerned.She started off playing football as a child, playing with boys in the mud pits next to the rice fields where her father worked.Seeing her passion for sport, she was advised by a local coach to pursue athletics professionally.

Unknown History

She competed in two events at the Commonwealth Games 2018 — in the 400 metres and 4x400 metres.

What her Coach says?

“She always had the zeal and dedication to achieve her dreams and make it happen”.I am sure she is going to win the Asian Games too. She is more confident than me. She keeps telling me Sir I never run after medals but against time’. When I will take less time to finish a race, I will automatically win. She will definitely make India proud once again at Asian Games,” he said. The 2018 games will start on August 18 in Jakarta and Palembang in Indonesia. He also says that Hima always liked training with the boys.“That was a strategy. If a girl trains with a boy, her performance improves. She has a high confidence level and when she thinks of doing something, she ends up doing that”.Even her family was very supportive Said her Current Coach Nipon Das.

After Her Achievement at Asian Games,We May Expect a Biopic Movie About Her To Know More.

What Criticisms She Had?

Indians Are Masters in Criticising Others!Right?

While she received congratulatory messages from all sections of society, there were some who were looking for her caste while



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